Race Capital of the World (IND)

Dammmmn. What to say about today?

Bouncing. Up and Over. 68 degrees Fahrenheit. 50 sit-ups. 98% humidity. Up and Over. Mugshots. 50 pushups. City Stencil. Up and Over. Effing Racers. 50 Mountain Climbers. Twelve newbies. Up and Over. Sweaty Hugs. 25 Burpees. High Fives. Up and Over. Cheer Tunnel.

Taylor won Race Day with the largest negative split. #FuckYeah!

2014-06-25 05.51.23

Lauren got the Positivity Award for being so, well—positive. #FuckYeah!

2014-06-25 05.51.57-2

And Jess from NP Boston was here. #FUCKYeah!!

2014-06-25 05.53.06

That about sums up the epicness.

Next week:

  • Mugshots go LIVE July 1st. Check it, tag yo’self. Make that s*** your profile pic. Be sure to check out the Mugshot Albums from the other 16 tribes. Get to know your tribe! We are one tribe.
  • Wear red/white/blue for ‘Merica’s birthday workout.
  • Wednesday 6:15AM Indiana War Memorial North Stairs.
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