Quality Over Quantity (VIC)

It was Christmas in February yesterday. No, no jolly old fellow was handing out gifts, but the jolly Baller did present us with a return of the 12 Days of Christmas workout from December. Newbies showing up for the first time, getting through only part of the workout, may have thought a better name for it was the 9 Circles of Hell. But that’s something else. A workout yet to be conceived…because hot damn it smacks of being a gooder! But I digress. Back to those newbies, or whomever, and not making it all the way through the workout. Hell, we’ve had some Fast As F new additions to our tribe, but I don’t know that anyone made it through all 12 Days (Jeff, did ya?). But that’s not the point. Winning, being Victorious, on our Wednesday definition of it, isn’t about ripping as quickly as possible through exercises. Yes, charging hill sprints as fast as you can – whether that’s at Usain Bolt speed or at a speed more akin bolting through a vat of molasses – IS the goal, but the movement pattern of forward progress is something we all have perfected (ish). But when it comes to our body weight based strength movement patterns, there’s room for improvement for most all of us. (Which is why we recently introduced our newbie movement pattern intro session with Coach The Shannon Kane.) And, when it comes to trying to hit it as hard as possible in a workout like the 12 Days, all of us are susceptible to form breaks in our quest for speed. This tribe, though, is about quality over quantity. Yes, we’re recruiting like MFers and proud of how fast we’re growing and how big we’re becoming. But we’ll never sacrifice the quality of the people who make up this ground and how they fiercely support each other to simply add a few more bodies to waggle in our sunrise photos to the rest of the world. Similarly, when it comes to our workouts and our movement patterns, our goal is quality. Better to maintain full range of motion in a squat jump and take more time doing your 20, than to short them in the interest of keeping up with the gal next to you and in the process shorten your muscles. We’re about strength and fitness gains here, not crossing some arbitrary finish line first.  It’s your workout. It’s your fitness improvement. It’s your enhanced ability to adventure.  Give it the quality you deserve.

Merry F’n Christmas, tribe – way to lay it down out there.


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