Quality and Quantity (DEN)

Sometimes in the day to day of November Project we get lost. We get lost in the workout, That sounds strange, I know, but hear me out. We go every Wednesday and Friday to workout, right? That’s true, but it isn’t true. We do go workout, but we go for so much more. See, that’s where we get lost. We see the workout, but lose sight of the bigger picture. The workout is simply the vehicle that we use to drive something bigger. Change. Change in ourselves. Change in each other. Change in the world around us.

It isn’t just change for the sake of change. It’s to make life better by giving each of us the opportunity to connect. Connect with this city. Connect with each other. And yes, connect with ourselves. THAT is what makes this thing special. It’s what makes it worth waking up before the sun twice a week to do a workout. It gives the event meaning. It’s like Brogan once said, it doesn’t matter how badass and hard the workout was, if you didn’t take the opportunity to make someone’s day better then the workout was a failure.

Most of us, if not all of us have felt the power of this group when someone or something became the catalyst for our own lives becoming better. If someone else has that power, why don’t you? Why can’t you augment someone else’s life? That right there is the reason the SarMajeral wants to hit 300 people on or before June 29th. This isn’t some arbitrary numbers push so that Woody and I can get inked up. It’s because we know the good that this group can do. It has the power to change this city. But to do that we need to reach more people. We need more people to feel the love that each and every one of you has in you.

So please, think. Think of the people in your life that deserve that. I’ll give you a hint. It’s everyone. Tell them your story. Rave about this group. Give them a reason to WANT to come. Then give them a reason to want to STAY!

That’s it. That’s all I’m going to give you today. If you want more pump-up-spiration, you’ll need to tune in next time.

Go out, and leave someone better than you found them.

5:30 early birds

FRI: Little Man Hill (3000 Tejon st.)
We still have a few buffs available. Bring unmarked $5 bills.

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