#QuackAttack Is Back

After a short Blog Haitus, NP Chicago is back and better than ever. What have we been up to the past few weeks? Besides getting the tribe #fitasfuck, Co-Leaders Brent and Andy have been hitting up some intense grammar workshops.  We’ve attended communication seminars, social media classes, and just some “conjunction junction, whats your function” type shit. Having barely graduated with an associates in spelling,and analogies, we’re back and here to stay. Buckle up…

Today we welcomed some newbs and NP Nomads from the DC, Boston, and Edmonton Tribes! The Tribe travels well.  If you’re into any sort of birding, than I dont need to tell you that regional migrations are starting this week throughout the midwest, so that probably has something to do with all the visitors. Or Chicago is a bomb-ass city to visit. Either way, welcome out-of-towners!

We started, with our usual bouncy “how-do-you-do’s”  and reiterated to everyone not to get hit by a bike on the path to Wrigley. Once everyone safely arrived, we broke it down into some intense stations of box jumps, pushups, and all the usual suspects.

Todays suicide workout inspiration was Mighty Ducks 2, aka great(est) American movie. A special caveat to running this two-manned relay, was that while your partner wall sat, you had to duck-walk the last 20 meters of the suicide. Maybe the name of this post should be #QuadAttack is back…

Lastly, it wouldnt be a workout without a massive, sweaty, group hug. Wait, whats that noise outside your Waveland window at 7:15am? Quack, Quack, Quack…


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