Push it real good

Its always a good day…but today…today was a goooood day

Stairs were climbed, Quads were on fire, sweat poured from every pore and highfives kept us energized. This Tribe is Fit, strong, and happy!

The morning started out colder than the last few weeks, but quickly all the extra layers came off and we bounced, we welcomed a new face from Winnipeg, and we yelled just loud enough to gather a few strangers in the area to join us. With a mix of hills and stairs today, it was quite a challenge and I even heard a few rumors of almost pukes…which makes me feel oddly satisfied…I’m always proud of every single person that just shows up and pushes themselves, it doesn’t matter if your at the top first, or your encouraging people at the back, every single person today gave it there all and left stronger and more fierce than the hour before. I love this tribe and I love this city.

Remember, this friday is the Sunrise 6K and we will be representing Calgary in this race showing the rest of NP how we roll! Location for meeting up will be posted this week.

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