Push it! Push it real good.


We did a boatload of pushups this morning here in Boston.  Before you read any further, if you were at the workout, make sure you record your total pushups from the workout in the tracker. The workout was a combination of pushups and running laps around the Longwood Park in Brookline.  We started with 50 pushups, then ran 1 lap, 40 pushups, 2 laps, 30 pushups, 3 laps, 20 pushups, 4 laps, 10 pushups, 5 laps.  The idea is you do a high volume of one exercise (pushups) and gradually decrease the volume in each set while increasing the other movement (running) so you have more “rest” in between pushup sets and the smaller number of pushups on each set hopefully feel a little easier than the one before but still really challenging all the way through.

Bottom line… it was a LOT of fucking pushups! You’re welcome.

Here’s an interesting question for all of us to think about as we strive toward greater fitness every ridiculously-free workout: do you know what you’re getting out of your workouts? Today’s workout is a good example of something that’s super challenging because of the sheer number of pushups we told you to do–AND because anytime you do a lot of anything, your ability to do it with good form & technique also gets tested.  Most of us don’t do 150 pushups in a 20 minute window of time on a regular basis.

For dudes and ladies who do pushups pretty regularly, your pushup technique may be solid, so today pushes you to work through pain and fatigue for just a few more reps until you rest. This is building strength endurance.

If your technique needs some work, or you feel like, “I just can’t do pushups,” then today might have been an eye-opener to stop hating pushups, stop avoiding them, stop fearing them, and start eating three square meals of pushups to just get better at them.  This is working on technique.  Push yourself to find versions of pushups that you can do really well.  This is the key to getting better at them–we need to scale the exercise to one that is both challenging and do-able (by doing them on our knees, doing negative pushups, or other variations), without sacrificing the actual essence of pushups (push your body weight from the ground to your arms length away from the ground).  And when we get really good at doing lots of those, we’re ready for the next level.  But think about it–isn’t it a pretty sweet feeling when you do a kickass pushup–when you know you did a solid, strong pushup? And because we’re human, we all know the dread of doing them (especially a LOT of them) when we think we suck.  But we don’t suck.  Pushups are HARD mother f’ers.  They are very much like the stadium–they don’t get much easier, we just get better at doing them when we do them regularly and gradually build our skills and confidence.

Let today be a call to action for everyone.  How can your pushups make you better, and how can YOU make your pushups better?

Author’s note: I only care about pushups as a vehicle for improving the tribe’s fitness, athleticism, and badassery.  I am not sponsored by Pushups, I am not a Pushup representative, and I am receiving no compensation from Pushups.  I simply think they’re real good.  And pushups always make me think of this song.


1. Wednesday is the Last Wednesday of the Month and we will be racing in the stadium.  Full tour (37 sections) as fast as you can, or as many sections as you can in 40 minutes.  This is definitely the day to show the fuck up and #RaceEverything.

2. Grassroots Gear will be tagged on Wednesday–bring your shirts to the bleachers above section 36 before the workout and pick it up after the workout.  Black spray paint only, so black clothes won’t get tagged.

3. If you want to help out with tagging or taking photos, or helping our DJ set up/break down her gear, message me (Emily) today.

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