PRs with a Side of America (DEN)

Today in 5280-ville, we experienced the fastest race conditions for PR Clover’s yet, at ye ole Civic Center Amphitheater. The LieutenantGeneral hosted a 5:30AM session for the uber-dedicated few, followed by the main event at 6:15 with our freshly mugshotted Nov Pro’s. Have you liked every picture in our mugshot album yet!?! If not, you should, because these pics are what connect all our tribes together, and make social media, well, more social. Every tribe’s mugshots are phenomenal. Big ups to our resident image capturer, William ‘Babe’ Hauser, of Campfire Photography, for his selfless contribution of creativity and lighting mastery.

Today’s workout kicked everyone’s ass. As our thighs and glutes recover, we look forward to another workout on July 4th FRIDAY at Veteran’s Park (S Vine St at E Iowa St). Yes C^3, we will be #FreeFitness-ing near Iowa St, named after the safest state in our great Union. Since, Friday is a HOLIDAY, we’ll be going for brunch afterward at Fooducopia (1939 E Kentucky Ave). This is your chance to get your ‘on-the-cusp’ friends to finally attend a workout. No excuses, no ragrets. 

Our Positivity Award represents joy, happiness, selflessness, friendship, camaraderie, motivation, contribution, appreciation, dedication, and countless other synonyms that end with ‘tion’. Today’s award was passed on from Hayley to Isabel. Both are Massholes that I’m sure are aggressive drivers with lengthy speeding records, and undoubtedly talk nonstop about Big Papi and the Dropkick Murphy’s.

Go 4th and Prosper,


FRIDAY 7/4, 6:15A: Workout at Veteran’s Park, followed by brunch at Fooducopia.

WEDNESDAY 7/9,  5:30A, 6:15A: Workout on the Capitol Building Stairs (14th & Broadway)

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