Pride & Piñata

The were two main themes at yesterday’s workout: rainbows and candy. Each supporting a recently past or upcoming celebration.  #GrassRootsGear was tagged in either classic black or rainbow pattern in support of the pride celebrations that took place this past weekend.


We had a pretty badass paint crew tagging during the workout. Special thanks to Rachel White, Carly Danek, and Jeremy Reichenberger.

In theory, the workout was simple. In reality, not so much. 200+ tootsie rolls were hidden throughout the Mill City Ruins, underneath the Stone Arch Bridge, and at the bottom of our original hill.  The goal of the workout was to find all 200+ tootsie rolls by running out and searching for them and placing them in piles at the bottom of the original hill.


The tribe was split into two teams that were competing against each other and only one tootsie roll could be picked up per person per round.  Each tootsie roll carried by a tribe member had to first make its way up the original hill and back down before it could be placed into its team’s respective pile. See? The workout itself isn’t that complicated. It’s the finding little candies in brown and white wrappers at 6:30am that requires a lot of focus and concentration. The tribe embraced the challenge and completed the task in 23 minutes. For the last 7 minutes, the tribe ripped up the original hill with constant reps.  What a great way to burn out the last little bit of energy.


The tribe gathered in front of the river for a 4th of July family photo where we posed at fireworks. The positivity award was given from Rob to Natalie, who never misses a Wednesday or Friday workout.

The workout was hard. The energy and spirit were high. What a great way to get a workout in before the 4th. Happy birthday America!


Stairs on stairs on stairs tomorrow! UMN boathouse, 6:27am.

NP SUMMIT 2015 is coming up fast, check out the event:


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