Pride of Ireland (NPSF)

(Post by Zip, but posted by Paddy. Paddy didn’t realise Ice Cube was a person. What sort of name is that!?!)  

Today, in the words of Ice Cube, was a good day. I honestly wasn’t feeling it when my alarm popped off today. But the early gang crew is too good to miss. I made up this workout last night on a run with Gil and Karl the Fog: 10 reps of 4 exercises (burpees, box jumps, dips, and abs) and then 1 rep of the stairs. Then 20 reps and 2 sets of stairs. When I announced it I thought we’d go to 5 and back down. Wooh I don’t know if that’s even physically possible in 30 minutes. Early gang crew fucking crushed it though.

In the 6:30 workout we also pushed it. Pairs raced the steps and then hoisteed to celebrate friendly competition and all things good. We also got a little more jacked with some lower body and ab exercises.


But really, the main event of the day didn’t start until the workout ended. The pride of Ireland, Aoife Doran, won the positivity award. Aoife has deserved this almost from the very beginning of when she started coming to workouts. She brings a ferocity and tenaciousness to life that inspires others, myself included, well beyond the workouts. When she was hit on her bicycle she continued to give positive energy to the tribe. She was a model of consistency at workouts before and she applied the same positivity and steadiness to her recovery. For that and so much more she’ll take the PA with her back to the motherland.

Congrats Aoife!


Hills on Friday. Coit Tower. 6:24AM. Meet in the car park at the top. Don’t leave your gear randomly on the stairs out of sight of people. We don’t want a repeat of that again, do we Mitchell?


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