• Clock workout
  • Fresh crop of newbies
  • Near miss on Denver Parks & Rec citation/fine
  • Dead jambox, no tunes
  • Denver has humidity, sort of.
  • Laura gave a right proper British speech bestowing ‘Tivy unto our favorite (possibly only) SD transplant, Michelle.

I’ve been coming to November Project for over 2.5 years and I don’t think I’ve ever been more proud of this group and this movement than I have been this week.  I’m like a proud papa, buttons bursting with joy at all the wonderful things his kids are doing.

With some inspiration from Kaelan Dickinson of #NPDC, we hosted our first all-female workout to celebrate the United State of Women summit.  Julia Griffeletti (pending formal name change) took the reins of this pride pony and drove it with a mission.  Our ladies became stronger and closer than they’ve ever been, and we’re all better for it.  We might be doing more of those, so stay tuned.

Today, we celebrated PRIDE week in Denver with rainbow tags on about 4, 732 white shirts.  It’s 2pm and I’m still picking paint out of my fingernails, while deftly hiding them from my patients and coworkers.  There was no music, the jambox was taking a nap, but we didn’t need it.  With so many newbies and veterans and rainbow tags, the vibe was fresher than a farmer’s market!

The reason for my pride is that the tribe is blossoming.  We’re growing in numbers, but we’re also spending more time together outside of workouts, connecting in new and different ways, developing friendships that otherwise would not have happened, if not for this incredible group of individuals coming together.

Today, we came together for PRIDE week with a dark cloud of the shooting in Orlando still very fresh and very raw.  A host of emotions have plagued our hearts since we’ve learned of the news – sadness, anger, rage, fear, helplessness, to name a few.  There is an energy that accompanies those emotions which will consume us if we let it.  For me, this morning was a giant step toward turning those emotions into positive energy and action.

To me, November Project is the antithesis of what took place in Orlando.  We are kind, loving, generous, accepting, and understanding.  It’s understanding that embodies what NP is about and how we can have an active role in healing our community.  You see, a lot of people like throwing around the word “tolerance.”  It makes them sound progressive, I guess.  I equate tolerance to indifference, insofar as that a person doesn’t care enough to understand.  To truly understand requires risk.  You risk disagreement, alienation, or even worse, being wrong.  November Project, too, requires risk.  We request frequent eye contact, hugging, caressing someone’s cheek whom you barely know and learning how they got their favorite scar.  When else do we do that?  At what other time in our days/weeks do we allow ourselves to have the curtains of vulnerability pulled back to show our true selves?  This is what understanding also requires.  It requires eye contact, dialogue, and often getting so far out of your comfort zone you no longer recognize where you started.  That’s called growth.

This week, we’ve engaged in a lot of understanding as a tribe.  Understanding the empowerment of females.  Understanding the empowerment of our LGBTQ friends.  Ultimately, coming to understand each other on a far deeper level than simply a bleary-eyed face you see once or twice a week.  We’re growing, and we’re doing it together.  I couldn’t be more proud.

Don’t lose that vibe.  Don’t fake that funk.

Major Wood


FRI 530/615 @ west steps of Nature & Science Museum

Saturday – Big Gay 5K

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