PRetty PRease, PR-day one last time!

PR Day is consistently one of my favorite days at NP. We show up the last Wednesday of every month with the same goal: beat the former me. We know the course, we know our times and we all take off like bats out of hell to prove that the last month’s toil was worth its weight in sweat, blood, tears, hills and sometimes sprained ankles (cough, cough). I almost hesitate to call it a work out because I think it can be so much more. How great that we all can keep tabs on our individual progress but the tribe is still there? The cheer tunnel is always great on PR day, people volunteer their time to tag shirts and after running what is likely somewhere close to 1500 steps (anybody have an actual count?) most people still find it in themselves to get back into the bowl to cheer on the rest of the tribe. When the day is done, we all know exactly what each other has gone through and the hugs are all the sweeter.

Today was no different. The 5:30 crew showed up ready to throw down, headlamps and all. Despite near freezing temps (it felt like it, #weatherproof), they rocked hard and took no prisoners.  6:30 was no different. Steam rose from our bodies, fresh from bed, as the bounce began. Spirits were high as the proverbial gun went off. Then, we climbed.

Today, being our last work out of 2015, was  a special one for lots of reasons. The memories of the past year (LA Marathon 2015, Bay to Breakers, Ragnar, #NPsummit, Ventura Marathon, #ECSCA, etc.) are some for the ages. 2016 will bring in a whole new boat load of memories for everyone at #NP_lax but the same old spirit is what will keep us all coming back. Let’s all make this slide into the future something we do together because, as you all know, the tribe is strongest when we have each other.

I love you all and have nothing but excitement for the coming year.

P.S. Check out the post on the #BB about #charitymiles. It’s a great thing and there is glory in it for you if you so choose.

P.P.S. Don’t forget to put your times from today into the tracker!

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  1. It was my second PR day at NPlax and I ran at 5:27 and 6:27 and both my times were better than my first time ever in October! I am super proud of myself and super happy NP does this!!! ❤️????

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