Pretty Much as Bad as it Gets Here

This morning it was rainy, windy, and 50 degrees in San Francisco. That’s pretty much as bad as it gets here. Consequently, the already hardcore, tight-knit, Monday crew was whittled down to an even more hardcore group of regulars. Names like Kadala, Kunkle, Novinski, Zack, Bolt, Gowri, Westwood, Scura, Sortore, and more were in attendance (where else would you expect them to be?). So we busted out an old favorite (read: lazy fallback plan), the Huffman, and decided not to hesitate to drop them to the asphalt… the cold, wet asphalt.

In 30 minutes, the group completed a series of hill sprints, wall-jumps, leg-raises, supermans, push-ups, and tricep-dips. If you’re keeping score at home, that’s cardio + hamstrings/quads + abs + lower back + chest/biceps + triceps/shoulders. How’s THAT for a full body workout, with no weights, and for $0. There’s a reason why we rock the Huffman in so often. There’s a reason why the #FREE fitness movement is waking over the world.

That’s it, that’s all I have to say. For those that braved it this morning, you rock. For the rest of you waiting until Jan-1 to restart your exercise routine, we’ll be waiting for you. See you all Wednesday.

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