Prepare For a Full Week in Boston

MONDAY: Our legendary #DestinationDeck will be gathering in a quiet residential area where we’ll train just like ninjas and disappear just like… well, like Ninjas. Follow this map to the location. The park is called Old Morse Park. Arrive. Work. Vanish.

Ninja Row

WEDNESDAY: Bring your backpacks with whatever weight you’d like. We’ll have a fire-drill with squats thrown into the mix. If you’re not into wearing your backpack, doing the fire-drill, or starting on time with the 5:30AM or 6:30AM groups, please come anyway… on Thursday. Let’s all build November Project doing it as one tribe.

Stadium Chop

FRIDAY: We’ll race for the prize of a lifetime… or at least the summer. Brookline has never seen racing like this before. You’re free to invite those runners, cross-fitters, triathletes, and anyone else that wasn’t sure NP was enough of a challenge for them. Plan to make this a day you’ll never forget.

Hills Cut Chop

If you didn’t hear yet, there is a cool race going down in Madison this fall. Register, figure out the transportation, and come hangout with your fellow tribeman and tribesladies from all around the country. Your weekend has officially been earned.

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