PR DAY “Monsoon” Edition

So I will start off with saying I love PR day.  For three main reasons: Firstly, it is amazing way to measure your progress, to see all the hard work you have been putting in each week paying off. Secondly, there is always a new goal on PR day, you get to watch people push their limits each time. And thirdly, I LOVVVVEEEE hills hehehehe

So does Francis. Hi Francis !!

Tuesday night I got MULTIPLE messages (you know who you are) by people deeply concerned about this “monsoon” thing that was happening. “Is November Project still happening, Is that hail I hear at my window, What about that wind, I am going to stay in the car while you run ….” So I went to sleep a little concerned that it would be Sam and I only at the top of the stairs in the AM. Either I am super persuasive or we just have the most INCREDIBLE tribe members ever, when I got to the stairs Sam and I were definitely not alone !!


So just as a refresher or shed light to any newbies here, our PR days consists of running a circuit around Casa Loma. Down the stairs and then up a lovely hill. And repeat. For 30 mins. As always everyone CRUSHED it ( AND IT DIDNT EVEN RAIN). There were a lot of smiles on that hill so I am thinking the love of hills is universal ya???!!

Grady right after he lead the pack to an impressive 8 and change laps !!!!

We handed out the positivity award again this week to a very deserving lady. Renee is the definition of positive. She is an NP veteran and is always always smiling. She is one of the first people I met at NP, probably much like many others as Renee is one of the first to chat up a new tribe member. The girl on top of that also gives it hard at every session !!! Congrats Renee 🙂

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So lesson learned this week,  #justshowup.

Also friendly reminder my lovely tribe mates get your butts sign up on the tracker !!! (and by butts I mean ass, I need to work on this whole swearing business! ..Fuck yeah)

#novemberproject  #weatherproof

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