POWER WEEK of Turbo-Awesomeness. @Nov_Project

Sometime around 6:32AM, Bojan & I glanced out at all of you… we saw a giant heard of people jogging around the track in The Back Bay Fens to stay warm… the pace was slow but the energy was clear… and I’m not sure what caused this to happen but for one second a leader seemed to emerge… we saw our good friend and Boston Marathon 2013 racer Lauren Goodman in the center of the pack… and for just one second it looked as if the entire tribe was following her rhythm as if she were the poncho’d up, bearded out, “just keep run-annnng,” American legend, Forest Gump. You know the scene. Anyway, it was a powerful thing to see. Leaders don’t have to be loud or in the front or over 5’2″ – As we get closer to April we wish all of you marathon bound, fund raising fanatics, and tapering gurus, best of luck with the final weeks of your quest.

What an awesome way to open the week. Warmup laps, sprints w/spice, a full group deck, and then a gear storm as our featured friends at New Balance made it rain lightweight fabrics and colors of all kinds. Before we go any further I want you all, even if you’ve already done so, to go to your Twitter account and tweet out some kind of THANK YOU note to @newbalance… and throw our tribe name in there while you’re at it (@Nov_Project). Not on Twitter? What!?!?!? You’re missing many updates and jokes from your NP friends and family, so please get on it today.

WEDNESDAY (location), FRIDAY (location), SUNDAY (Huevos), & WISCONSIN NOTES

WEDNESDAY: Because we’re going to have some logistical items to get through (NB Waivers & YEARBOOK PHOTOS) we’ll need all of your help and patience with this pre-workout plan. Also, we hope that some of you can will arrive between 6:10AM and 6:25AM to spread out the rush. Plan to enter through gate 37 and be told where to go… if you have any new gear… maybe something new that you earned today from NB, you could plan to wear that… just a thought. We’ll be hitting you hard with YEARBOOK PHOTOS before the workout so plan to brush at least your front row of teeth before leaving your house. If you have your completed NB Waiver please bring it with you and if you don’t we’ll have one waiting for you to fill out.

#GrassrootsGear will be happening. After all, #GrassrootsGear is being seen beyond Boston & Madison these days… Team USA & Olympic Gold Medalist (London 2012), Esther Lofgren, joined us for a week back in the fall and currenly trains in her #GrassrootsGear at the Olympic Training Center to stay connected with us from a distance (video). Paint donations in the form of a can or two of black, flat, Krylon would be much appreciated – gloss is no good, black is a must. Black, flat, Krylon spray paint.

FRIDAY: Tick, tick, tick, BBOOOOOOOOMM! Brookline is a sleeping giant, a ticketing time bomb. If the Summit Ave neighbors wake up one Friday morning at 6:28AM and come out of their homes pissed because they lost sleep due to our noise, they’ll do one of two things. 1. Straight up fight us for waking them up. PLEASE don’t let this happen. I know about 350 of you mixed into the crowd are technically ninjas (#BostonNinjaRace) but we’d rather let the grumpy grumps get their well deserved 32 minutes of Z’s then have to sort it out over some ninja rap. 2. The only other thing that could happen would be that they jump in and join the November Project! How awesome would that be!? Summit Ave full of neighbors meeting one another while running hill repeats in their pajamas!? Here is what I suggest: When you’re LEAVING the workout, your office, or heading to or from ANYWHERE else in your life, approach the friendly, and even SLIGHTLY un-friendly looking people and tell them about your tribe. Recruiting via word of mouth is key and we will always need your help with this. If you have even one more person to chase through decks, up stairs, and over hills, you’d be faster/fitter for it.

SUNDAY: We’ll be one week away from our 2013 Spring race called #EasterHashHunt. Please see details and RSVP here so we’ll know you’re coming. You’ll want to make sure you nail the “pastel & ears” theme so get shopping asap. This Sunday, however, will be the event for those who want to take their Bruch Runners and mix in a little egg hunting, and drizzle that on top of a nice city-wide warmup for the NP race. Find “Huevos Race” on FB today or go to FJ Perfas for more info. WARNING: “FJ” may stand for “Full Java.” As in, some say the glass is half empty, while others say its full java. “FJ” may stand for “Free Jfitness” (the “J” is silent). “FJ” could also stand for “Friendly Jiant” – Serbian spelling – but that one doesn’t seem likely.

Can’t wait for Wednesday.
DG’s video was funny.
“Can’t tell a Leanne from Kate Austin.”
Bascom Hill at 6:30AM for @Nov_Project_MSN.
Bring your Dahler… Dave Dahler.

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