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This morning in-between talking about BikeDenver’s feed station of burritos & beer, and awarding the Positivity Award to PACE for her unparalleled semi-weekly sacrifice/dedication/awesomeness in contributing her wonderful self to this tribe, I said something about your Denver NP5280 tribe finally having our own identity.

For the longest while, Molly and I tried our damndest to emulate the experience, comraderie, and fulfillment that we both enjoyed while training with the mothership tribe in Boston. For the first year and a half of leading NP5280, it was our mission to replicate that Boston experience and make you drink the cool-aid and buy in to the mantra “this shit is good.”

That said, in the last few months, there has been a paradigm shift in our perspective and desires for the tribe. We were ecstatic to bring Matthew (Hi-Five Sarge) on board as our third co-leader, not because he would continue the traditions we loved from Boston, but rather that he would elevate the tribe to a whole new level based upon his own experiences, vision, and Midwestern wholesomeness – think wheelbarrows, pike push-ups, & armless bear hugs.

The NP5280 tribe has become pretty quirky, definitely goofy, kinda silly, and very badass. You race on Sunday casually achieving PRs, celebrate over a beer with your friends, and then show up on Wednesday amped-up for your next challenge. You don’t really care how many ‘likes’ your photos get, as long as you get to share an epic experience or amazing view with your friends. No longer are we trying to brainwash you that it’s OK to hug someone you’ve never met – now when newbies show up you embrace them with a welcoming hug that they surely won’t forget. No longer are we trying to push “the vibe” on you, as that feeling, that spirit, that joy occurs naturally each morning no matter the weather, nor the lack-of-sleep, nor the current happens of your daily life.

For that I, you, we, will continue to grow onward and upward.

Proud always,


FURDAY 5/22 : 530-615A and/or 615-7A : Denver Highlands Hill Repeats. Meet at Hirshorn Park 3000 Tejon St. for unstoppable free fitness fur.

Sunrise 6K Hype: Stay tuned for the June date of our 2nd Sunrise 6K. Location Cheeseman Park.

november project denver 615
november project denver 615
november project denver 530
november project denver 530


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