Powder Daze (DEN)

Yesterday was a sunny day. That’s pretty nondescript here in CO so let me clarify by saying that it was a 70 degree sunny day that felt like summer. Today, was a powder day. I’m going to safely assume that all of you who did not show up for breakfast at the stairs with your NP family today did (not) so because you got an early start on 70 to catch fresh tracks on the slopes. So I’m not mad at you. I am mad, however, at my campus who retroactively closed campus at 11am after we were all already here (slick move, guys) and in doing so restricted me from enjoying the powder day in the mountains. In what world does that make sense? “Let’s just let all of the people who commute from Boulder be two hours late and almost go off the side of the road on their bus and then close campus once they get here. Lol.” End digression; resume blog: It’s days like today that make me really thankful for what we have here in Denver. What we have is 1) a reliable swarm of friendly faces that you can count on to join you on wet, snowy mornings and 2) really mild winters that do not present like this too often. So, next time the weather forecasts scares you into sleeping in we’ll give you the phone numbers of the leaders of the Wisconsin and MSN tribes, and then if you REALLY want to feel badly about yourselves we’ll get you on a conference call with Edmonton before you make your final decision. No, they’re not crazy, they are just Canadian.

Seriously, thank you to each and every soul that showed up today. You kept my soggy feet warm and my face smiling. Cheers to you. See you on Friday!



FRI: Gov’s Park. 7th and Penn.

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