What else do we need to say? NOTHING! POW! POW! POW! The NYC Tribe brought the noise, energy, and POW to the Soldiers’ and Sailors’ monument.

Workout was both BADASS and BOSS.  Tribers buddied up into pairs —Awesome and Badass. Group joined forces with 5 Hoisties each before splitting up. A’s did 3 Cannon Boom Loop (we’ve had this planned for months–no way we just made this up. You can’t make this shit up–it’s too good) while B’s planked. 5 Hoisty Hand-Offs. Then B’s ran Monument Loop while A’s did burpees. We did this for 10 mins. Then had a 1 min dance party intermission. Then A’s and B’s switched for 10 mins. We’ll call it the 10-1-10 format (again, planned out for months).


Some other highlights included, but not limited to: making babies smile (not making babies), meeting Jonathan Yuen and hearing his tutorial on what PR Wednesday is and will be in NYC starting in July, drunk birthday singing to Emily and Aubrey (and cupcakes), and an absolute fucking beautiful day!

Join us next Wednesday (6:28a.m.) at Gracie. Bring white-tees and other garments for #GrassrootsGear day. Bridge day. Bring friends.  Six friends.  

Next #SummerFriday will be at 35th & 1st. Bring 10 friends each or we do 44 flights of stairs.




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