Pots of Gold (DCA)

I don’t have much to say today. Time and time again, these people prove to their neighbors that THIS SHIT IS GOOD. We’re a bunch of smiling, overly happy, hips-in hugging, crazy yahoos. What about that sounds bad? Correct. The answer is nothing. I’ll take November Project DC for $1000, Alex. Actually, forget it. I don’t need the $1000. We’re the richest people in the city. We have rainbows with pots of gold. And no, this has nothing to do with leprechauns.

The coolest part is that this good stuff, these beautiful people, this community is in 18 other cities and soon to be more. I had the chance to spend a little time with my boy Ben Schwabe from NP MKE and to share the same excitement for this movement and these communities blows my mind. The same fun and love we have here, they have in MKE and SD and SF and NOLA. It’s crazy. Anyway…

Keep your eyes on the horizon. Not only do we have DOPE sunrises coming your way (FOR FREE. Yeah, I know. It’s great. It’s beyond great. Mother Nature hooked us up with a lifetime guarantee), but there will be some better than awesome stuff coming up in the next few months.

First things first, we’re taking over TNF’s #ECSDC race this coming weekend. Even if you’re not racing, the spot to be is at this event. Open grassy area in the woods? Perfect to hang out and cheer people on. For more info, visit this event page. Don’t believe me? Watch that first link above again.

Other than that, check out these great photos by Matt Anzur, smile, make someone laugh, and we’ll see you WEDNESDAY.


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