Playing in the Rain (PHL)

The City of Brotherly Love has, for the most part, been spared from harsh weather conditions as of late.  These pre-winter months have been kind to us and working out has been, dare I say…comfortable.  Today, this was not the case.  This dark, cold, wet morning made us remember our #weatherproof concept and the idea that we count on one another to show up.  Beds were more comfortable.  The soft sound of rain tapping on your window dared you to get another hour of sleep.  Alarm clocks a mere nuisance.  All the more reason to send out a resounding Thank You and Fuck Yeah to those of you who came out and threw down today!

For the first 25 minutes we ran stairs and tossed around tennis balls.  Each ball had a different workout which required a person to round up a group to perform said exercise.  After this, we gathered at the bottom of the steps broke up into 4 groups/waves and ran sprints.  These were Class Day-Middle School-Style sprints.  Crab walk 15 ft, stand up and sprint. Bear crawl up and back then sprint. Squat jump to the line then sprint.  You get the drift.  By the end it wasn’t clear if we were drenched in sweat or rain.  There was a ton of love and support and people put the pedal to metal on the sprints. GREAT JOB!

WED. 11/5 is NOVEMBER PROJECT’s Birthday workout.  Fall Yearbook photos will be taken and we will try to hit #3014 across all of our Tribes.  Start recruiting now — we want to get everyone on board for this EPIC day!

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FRIDAY: We are at Waterworks, 6:25 AM



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