Play Date in the Rain (IND)

Lesson number one this morning:  The only response to “Y’all Good?” is “”Fuck Yeah!” Good—hope you took notes. There will be a quiz. Today we played Little Kid Games barefoot in the rain and lightning. The Reckless One was overjoyed and The Safety Officer cringed and protected the Music Mullet. The Fancy Photog bailed once it started pouring. No worries. #TheTribeIsWeatherproof. Lesson number two this morning: “#JustShowUp first. #Weatherproof second. #SafetyThird.”  Now you know—that is how November Project will always and forever roll.

In case you were lame and stayed in bed, here is what you missed:  Warrior Cry High 5 Sprints, Sharks and Minnows, Duck Duck Goose (Bodyweight Exercise Edition) and Catch the Dragon’s Tail with Water Balloons. None of it was fun.

Newbies—not every week is like this, jus’ sayin’. Bring you’re A game for Vomit Worthy Race Day next week.

Wednesday 6:15AM Indiana War Memorial North Stairs

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