Planks and Ladders (IND)

Today we played a game. But before we played a game, we played a game. First came “Bop it, Jump it, Twist it” (thanks for the inspiration DG) which served as a weird calf and vocal warm up. Then came “Planks and Ladders”, like the kiddo game “Chutes and Ladders”, only more evil. Since #NP_IND lost the plank challenge to #NP_NYC and #NP_SF, we wanted to encourage make the tribe to work on their planks. And their burpees, cause you can never have enough burpees. I think I did at least 168 burpees today.

Tribe members partnered up, ran to the gold door, to the street, to the landing, and did 2 burpees and 2 walking planks. For each subsequent round, the reps increased by a multiple of 2. The #RaceEverything mentality was fostered via incentive burpees: burpees paid at the end of the workout. The high on the ladder you got the fewer incentive burpees you had to do. Be sure to record you number of rounds on the tracker.

Frank the Tank finally paid his burpee bet payment of 64 burpees, after working a 12 hour overnight shift and crushing both the 5:28 and 6:15 workouts. Nice work, Tank.

What did we learn this morning?

  • Don’t eat fish and chips for dinner with 4 beers the night before #NP_IND.
  • #Sunrise6k 2.0 is coming to a Sunday morning on your June calendar. Date to be released soon.
  • #NPSUMMIT and #ECSUT are planned for September 24-27th in Park City, Utah. The #ECSUT is a trail marathon relay, teams of 2 tribe members. We have discount codes! See me or Danger ASAP, as the race will sell out!

Have a great week! See you in seven days. Indiana War Memorial 5:28/6:15AM.

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