Pirates of the Highlands (DEN)

Sometimes your co-leader says she has a plan to play Capture the Flag for Friday’s workout at Jefferson Park in Denver. Your first thoughts are, eh gads, that sounds like a lot of planning, coordination, and rule explanation to your just-got-out-of-bed tribe. Nonetheless, General Molly and Country Grammar took the reins, wikipedia’d the rules for Capture the Flag, since none of us had played since 5th grade gym class, and put together a morning worth writing about.

Did you workout this morning? All I remember is feeling an exhilarated thrill while sprinting through the offensive zone in search of the NEON teams flag. As a member of the PIRATE squad, we bonded and strategized while burpee-ing in jail. Watching Bader-Cooley hunt down Johnny Chia in a classic match-up of Cheetah versus Gazelle was a spectacle for the ages. There were cowbell spice notes including sprints, bearcrawls, hoistees ™, & low-five partner pushups. There were super secret mini-NP stencils created, and oh did I mention there were WATER BALOONS!?! Yes, these were reverse-acting balloons that actually burst in the throwers hands, tricky tricky.

When the General checked her watch and announced two-more minutes left, I pleaded for another 5. The group picture can wait, the shower can wait, the commute can wait…. just like I remember gym class in 5th Grade.

The tribe is playful,

Lieutenant Dan

FRI 6PM  Run To Happy Hour @ Govnr’s Park Tavern (672 Logan St): Meet at 6PM at Govnr’s Park Tavern for a 3.5 mile run around Cheesman Park. Return to Tavern at 6:40PM for Happy Hour Specials. For more info see Gociety event. #GORTHH

WED 615AM (530AM Early Group) @ Capitol Building Stairs (14th & Lincoln): Free, stair workout if you bring your friend, neighbor, and ugliest coworker. #3014  #recruitrecruitrecruit #recruitJenny5280

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