Pinky Promise (LAX)


A pinky promise is an unofficial agreement or promise to be kept. On the schoolyard a friend tells a deep secret, that they like like Susan. With seriousness they throw out their little finger and you make a pact to keep the secret safe. Now if you were a little shit, you would have crossed you fingers behind your back and soon after ran over to Susan and tell her that Billy really likes likes her, causing all sorts of childhood drama good enough for reality TV.

This morning there were no fingers crossed except, the lock of you and your partners pinky’s to have the best fucking workout and to be there for one another through the thick and thin of the 40 minute workout we had. Couple’s Retreat has always been a classic and it’s always a workout where you turn and go inspiring you partner to push a little harder and gain a few more beads of sweat.

Every single one of you put in a solid amount of work this morning. I know I say that a lot, but it truly showed while the sun was shining and the broken hose was cooling you down. Every single one of you is capable of amazing things. If you focus in on your determination, hard work and positivity in one place, inevitably that shit will spread to other places in your life. Let NP be that foundation in your life, a root where you’re able to practice saying fuck it to the ego in this city and bring positivity instead. A place to exercise harder, though you may not think your fit enough. A place to eliminate excuses and truly do what you want in your life. Be open to new opportunities, say yes and surround yourself with people that make you happy. Test your limits. Though you may have your doubts, you deserve to be here. Share the goodness and let everyone else in on the positivity.



FRIDAY- Meet at SILVER LAKE MEADOWS at 6:27am! Let’s bring in the masses!

WEDNESDAY 9/16- YEARBOOK PHOTOS. Let’s capture those individual photos of you lookers and celebrate what it means to wake up and attend NP! If the Bowl can fill for the LA Phil then we no doubt can get 200+ Angelenos to sweat and spread good vibes. Bring your friends, wifes, lost lovers, dog walker, barista, the dude that broke into your car (he needs it the most) ect.

WEDNESDAY 9/16- YB CELEBRATION AT THE PARLOR. At 8pm we’ll be throwing a social and celebrating the end of the day with stronger vibes and the most fun happening on a Wednesday night. School night? Tough shit.

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