Phriday (PHL)

Today we ran, we burpeed and we hugged. Today the majority of the tribe showed up in singlets and/or bow-ties in honor of Richie’s birthday.  That was cool, and it was fun. It rained so thank goodness we are weatherproof!

Paulus took home the Positivity Award. So well deserved to a man who we don’t even think knows how to say anything that isn’t positive.. and if he even does, his accent makes it sound so lovely that you think its good shit anyway.

The North Face Endurance Challenge is in DC this weekend… those who are racing from PHL will rep hard!!!

The Boston Marathon is Monday. Beth, Sue and Jamie are headed there to race. They will RULE. We are behind you all the way!

We are a tribe of one. We all stand with you while you conquer the world!



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