Phoning it in (DEN)

This morning the NP5280 tribe had a kick-ass, stair climbing workout on #Denver’s Convention Center stairs. How do I know this? Because there are pictures and Instagrams to prove it. These pictures show people smiling, hugging, and reveling in each others morning glory.

I am confident that the NP5280 vibe was strong as Coach Teresa and Ahhsitant Coach Ahhstrid lead a suction-cup bounce and boisterous Good Morning Y’all Good cat call. Welcome to the Project. FUBU Friday was a great success lead by our babysitters, as the Leuitenant General were our gallivanting the monster hills of San Francisco  with 7,016 of our closest friends from tribes across the continent.

Editors note: Flanniel would like to apologize to Chad Christoff: I know, this blog post is sub-par. I’m on vacation. I love you tribe.

Lt. Flanniel

Wednesday 5:30/6:15A : Just Show Up. Civic Center Amphitheater.

From SF, With Love
From SF, With Love
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