Phoenix, AZ


The Phoenix squad redefines #weatherproof. 100 degrees at 6:00AM is not uncommon in the summer, but we’re loving life as the rest of the country starts complaining about snow and cold. 

We have two workouts every week, rain or shine (mostly shine): 

  • Monday: 6:00AM Roaming – check social media
  • Wednesday: 6:00AM
    • March – September:  Papago Park Amphitheater
      We suggest parking at the West Buttes Parking Lot (it’s just under a mile south of the amphitheater, so most of us arrive at 5:45 and walk/jog in together!).
    • October – February:  Sun Devil Stadium
      We suggest parking at the NE entrance, off Rio Salado Pkwy, across from Marina Heights complex.

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**Currently, all workouts are being provided virtually on our Instagram and Facebook pages. You can join us from wherever you are and at whatever time you can. In-person workouts are on hold at this time. 

Looking for the people in charge? Come and meet Jackie this week.





Is it really free? How do I sign-up?

-November Project is ALWAYS free. No registration. No sign-ups. Just. Show. Up. It’s that simple. Just come, workout, and have fun!

What if I can’t make the whole time?

-Come early, stay late, arrive late, leave early, it’s all fine!

Want to know more?

-Find our social group on Facebook, the Cactus Lounge: a social gathering place, where we post about other workouts, group runs, and social events! 

How fit do I need to be?

-Anywhere from just off the couch to Ironperson! That’s the beauty of NP, all of our workouts are contained and together, so no one is left behind! We have a wide range of abilities and everyone is welcoming and encouraging!


See you soon!


14 Replies to “Phoenix, AZ”

  1. Hi.
    Will you be holding a meet up on November 9th? We are a small British TV crew and are looking to film locals around the Phoenix area. Would it be ok if we came down?

  2. I’m visiting from out of town beginning of February and would love to have my shirt tagged. Do you have a set day for tagging?

  3. Hi guys, my name is Alexander and I moved to Phoenix not long ago and am looking for a running group. I was suggested the November Project. I have been a long-distance runner for a long time and am looking for some running partners here in the Phoenix area. Unfortunately, I cannot make those two meeting times for the next few months but would love to know if anyone would be able to meet up with me for some running in the evening time. I live in the Arcadia area.

  4. Hey guys! I recently moved from Oakland, California #NPSF. I tried to attend the workout, but parking on E McDowell Road was full and I didn’t realize that overflow parking was at the West Buttes Parking Lot until later today. Is there a carpool gang for workouts? And does everyone usually meet at the West Buttes Parking Lot at 5:45am on Wednesdays?

    1. Sorry for the delayed response Evan! We’d love to see you out there with us! West Buttes parking lot at 5:45 AM is the norm! Hope you can make it!

    1. Hi Reshi, our workouts our typically a half an hour, but can be a little longer depending on the week! If you need to leave early or come late that is not a problem! Hope to see you out sometime!

  5. Hey guys, are there any closer than Papago park?
    as I have been reading so show up 5:45 am in the Park’s Parking lot?
    And workout mostly calisthenics?
    There any other times or days?
    ( I have a freaky Schedule is the reason I ask)
    any other way to keep in touch?
    I don’t want to join facebook

  6. Thank you for being so welcoming even when I at least 10 minutes late – couldn’t #justgetup – my alarm didn’t go off as planned. Please just holler if ever in Milwaukee. Our tribe meets Wendsday – always set and Friday – anywhere – just pay attention to FB or IG.

  7. hi- attending Phoenix/scottsdale auction week this coming week, is there a Wednesday (Jan 15th) morning workout for Phoenix NP and if so where/how do I find it??

    please advise, thanks Chris,, Victoria bc NP tribe

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