PHL: Pounds & Pounds

It’s not everyday that we ask something of the tribe other than –  just show up, be positive and keep moving. Yesterday, however, we asked the tribe to bring along some canned goods for Philabundance and I’m so happy to say that y’all brought 437 lbs of food to donate! Thats 437 meals we have given to those who are in need. This is an added 437 things to feel good about on this day of giving thanks! Pounds to you all!

Of course when we asked you to bring extra pounds along, we wanted to add an additional challenge for you. Bring those canned goods in a backpack + wear them while you workout = earn your turkey! Or just squeeze a bit more out of this workout than the norm because you’re carrying some extra weight. Pounds you you all for taking on the challenge.

Our good friend Nick B organized our food drive (2 years in a row), delivered all 437 lbs to Philadbundance post workout and very deservingly took home the Positivity Award! This guy has been working out with us for as long as I can remember, he’s a ball of positivity and when he’s at a workout his presence is well felt all around. Pounds to you Nick!! P.S. This means you have to show up next Wednesday.image1

Have a safe and happy holiday! Turkey earned. Be kind to each other today and always. Pounds.


Quick Buff Announcement: Get your order in by EOB Friday! That is all.


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