PHL: Plank Tag

Fridays are for hill repeats, I repeat, Fridays are for hill repeats. Buuutttt, all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy!
Today we randomly (by a show of hands) selected a dirty dozen to be “it” and played plank tag in the wet dewey grass. Plank tag is very similar to freeze tag where when you are tagged you freeze, in this case you plank and you plank for the time it takes the person who tagged you to do a dozen burpees *the dirty dozen, then the planker is “it,” so on and so forth. *NOTE: no tag backs!

The tribe was playful this morning, our feet, bodies and bums were wet, yet we all were smiling while we got a serious sweat on for 50 minutes!

We made a change to our “award process” if you will, this week. We will be giving out The Positivity Award on Wednesdays for the time being and the hard hat has made its way to our Friday gatherings. Matt got to keep the HH for an extra two days due to this change and it served him well. He passed the award along to Jansen this morning. A well deserved gentleman who crushes it every week at NP. This cat is always smiling and sweating while he is working his tail off! WTG guys!

Today also marked the 2nd annual Run To Work Day here in PHL. I lead a group of folks from Lloyd Hall, across the street from our regular Friday workout, and the turnout was amazing! Many continued on from our November Project workout to RTW, and some new comers joined as well.  FullSizeRender (40)

Today was one of those can’t miss days. One of those days you just feel like you are such a part of this tribe, such a part of this community, such a part of this city! I hope all of you who travelled by foot either at the workout, at #runtoworkPHL or both felt a part of it all too! You all rock!! Have an incredible weekend!


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