PHL: No Steps – No Problem

Our Steps were occupied this morning by the set up of the Made in America Festival that will take over The Parkway Labor Day weekend here in the PHL, but that didn’t stop us from getting sweaty and rocking a great workout behind The Art Museum.

We met at Water Works were everyone had come to expect our rollercoaster workout. We threw in a twist this morning however when we separated the ladies from the gentlemen and split leadership as well. I took the boys to the coaster to start and Layo had the ladies on the back of the museum’s hills. Coaster and burpees for 20 mins for the boys (burpees increasing with each lap) and indian runs with a few ab circuits for the girls. After the first 20 – switch and well, switch.

Leanne took home the hard hat today. We sang happy birthday to Anush, Stulpin and Meggles with a BOOM! And our days were all better for getting out of bed this a.m. with the tribe.

We’ll be at Lemon Hill on Friday. Stay tuned for some great announcements coming your way!

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