PHL: Figure 8’s and Mashed Potatoes

The holidays are here and this year Thanksgiving took both Layo and myself away to be with family in far off lands. Neither he or I had a worry in our heads as we knew the tribe was in good hands with Adam & Richie. Truth be told, both of us took the opportunity to sleep in this morning!! Below is a look into the beautiful morning had by all on Lemon Hill. Thanks guys for taking care of “the kids” and thanks to all who make this tribe a family.


While the cats are away, the mice will… run figure 8’s around Lemon Hill to work off turkey and stuffing. With our fearless leaders spreading thanks to loved ones near and far, responsibility was shifted to Philly’s version of Arnold Schwarzenegger and Danny DeVito – The Wolf and Coach Gebauer – who tended to the flock to make sure no one lost a step after a day of indulgence and gluttony.
Tribe members came from all over – the burbs, NYC, SF, DC – to see if the rumors of the NP PHL Lemon-lovefest were true. The love was shared between all those who just showed up as we ran Lemon Hill in both directions, cutting through the grass by the picnic tables and heading past the gazebo – but not before doing 10 box jumps on those picnic tables – back to the yield sign at the bottom of the hill. Here, members had to pick someone they did not know, share names, hometowns, a unique fact, and low-five between each of their 10 pushups before resuming the figure 8. Before the morning was over, a new song was unveiled as the tribe danced like no one was watching and did burpees each time Tony Basil sang the word Mickey during her 1981 “classic.”

It was almost a perfect morning with the exception of one thing… everyone was left wondering where DC tribeswoman Whitney was. We always appreciate when Whitney gets to step away from law school and return to her roots here in Philadelphia. However, she didn’t show and we were all left wondering why, especially after a #traVerbal to The Wolf (below).  Whitney, we missed you… but NP DC already told you that.


Dr. David passed on the hard hat to our very own punk rocker and all around badass, Lou Klein. The toughness exhibited by Lou at this past weekend’s marathon is his most recent example of why he deserves such recognition. And, an extra tagged shirt left from some July 4th fun went to a visiting SF tribesman, Perry, exhibiting nothing but class and camaraderie while representing NP at the Philadelphia Marathon, by attending 3 Philly workouts while back home for the holiday, and by spreading community the entire time he was in town (he even made every brunch!).

For a lot of us, it’s a three-day weekend. Make sure you enjoy it and we’ll see you next week when we get to do it all over again. For those heading home back to their respective cities, safe travels! We’re glad you chose to spend some of your time away from home with us!


QUICKIE ANNOUNCEMENT: Last few hours to order your NP BUFF – Link vaild through 6:00 p.m. TODAY!!


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