PHL: Change is Good

Sometimes all of us can find ourselves tired of the same old same old. There is comfort in what we are used to, comfort in what we have come to know as the usual. For this and other reasons, many humans are creatures of habit. Part of what we are creating with November Project builds on said habits – 6:30 a.m. #justshowup – But we all know the definition of insanity right? Repeating the same behavior, expecting different results… Not saying that Lemon Hill doesn’t challenge each of us every Friday morning. But, leadership loves you all dearly, we are grateful for you all and want to reward you for your hard work. We do not want to see insanity within the tribe, we do not want restlessness we want results (and we know y’all do too)!

Today we went over by the river to Waterworks and ran the “rollercoaster” – a semi-jacked up figure eight of hills (steep hills) and burpees between runs to keep the up the challenge. It was a cool, fresh July morning. It was as if Mamma Nature knew we were all going to push ourselves harder and further. She cooperated, we ran, we sweat, we smiled, we cheered.

Today was one of those days that leaves a mark, and no not the mark of how sore your legs will be tomorrow. Today hurt so good. It was one of those workouts you just have all the feelings about! – For those of you who showed up, you get it, for those of you who missed out, join us soon – you won’t hate it!IMG_6106 Lindsay took home the PA. This chick digs deep every week and brings her A game. She is as solid an athlete as she is a human being and we wish you a week full of awesomeness.

We said goodbye to two friends today. Tanya is leaving us for a new job in SF – so congrats to NP_SF for grabbing this fast lady – and Lauren is headed off to Pittsburgh, where there is no NP… yet! Safe travels to you both, and well wishes on your new adventures, you will be missed.

Tomorrow is Independence Day – celebrate your country, your patriotism, yourselves! You all rule! Be safe, be well, be rad!




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  1. I just heard about November Project and was hoping to find it in Pittsburgh, which led me to this article. I see that you mentioned that a NP member of yours, Lauren, just moved here. If you really do plan on starting a group here in Pittsburgh, Lauren … I’d love to help get it started!

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