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It’s December – So we can guess that sometime soon the days of putting our hands on the ground for extended periods of time as well as laying on our backs on the cement at our lovely Art Museum will soon come to an end (for the winter). However, since we are having such mild days, leadership thought now was as good a time as any to get those hearts and muscles pumping with one of our favorites – The #Century Workout.

We separated the tribe based on their born on days of the month – simple Evens were a team and Odds were as well.

One of my favorite things about the century workout is watching others take ownership of each team. While Layo and I lay out the framework for the workout, we leave it up to each team (no matter how many) to devise a plan of how each will get to 100 – push-ups, sit-ups, burpeese, squats and jumping jacks. Seeing the leadership in each group that forms on it’s own is a pretty lovely experience and a true testament to the strength of this tribe.  We applaud all of you for completing your Century yesterday and we are grateful to the leaders among us that are growing stronger each and every workout!

With that said, leadership does not come without responsibility and it is our responsibility to first and foremost keep every living being at our workouts safe. Over the course of the last few weeks we have been fielding several complaints about dogs off leash and we had to make the call to no longer allow this at our workouts.  Let us be clear, we are not asking that you stop brining your pooches to The Steps or Lemon Hill. We love you and your furry friends. We are, however, putting a hard rule in place that all dogs MUST BE ON A LEASH and remain with you for the entirety of our workouts. This is effective immediately and there are no exceptions.

We’ll see y’all tomorrow up on Lemon Hill where we will eat some hills for breakfast.


Sunrise 6k: Friday 12/18 – Deets to follow

Body Cycle Workout/Ride Colab: Tuesday 12/22 – We’ll meet at The Art Museum Steps at 6:30am for a quick workout followed by a run to BCS with the ride starting at 7 a.m. with the amazing Tiffany – Ride is free to all who participate. Sign up will be available soon to reserve your spot for the ride portion, as space is limited!

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