PHL: Call Me Maybe? 2015

One thing is for certain, no matter what tribe you call home or choose to visit, there is a strong sense of community at the core of November Project. We are building it everyday within the tribes, in all of our 21 cities and beyond in each of our individual lives.
November Project is a place where all kinds of folks unite for a few hours a week with a common goal, getting fit for free. What is born out of this common goal has limitless bounds outside of workouts. Folks meet up for runs, create other groups, make life long friends and some even (dare I say) fall in like!

Last year we thought it would be cool to help foster these out of the workout relationships by basing a workout around out of workout communication. This morning we brought it back!  Call me maybe 2015 kicked it up a notch! Upon arrival each tribe member wrote their phone number on a piece of paper. A roatary phone dial was chalked out at the top of The Steps around the fountain. Each number on the dial had a different workout assigned to it and each tribesperson picked another tribesperson’s number and followed it along the dial. This time we added more cardio, and additional reps to the strength training, another year has passed, we are all getting stronger now aren’t we…

Today’s workout, however, wasn’t one that was solely based on strength of body. This one is based on strength of our community as well. The number you selected and the workout you performed was for you. Take it one step further today, and make it about that person who’s number you received. Reach out to them. Say hello, ask what they had for lunch, what they are doing this weekend. Make a connection with this human outside of NP. It could be a text that makes their whole day brighter, it may in turn do the same for you. We only know as much as we are willing to ask about each other and there is always so much more to learn. Give it a try. Make someones day!

Thanks to all who came out this morning with an open mind. And to all of you who come out any given morning. You are what makes this city and this community a place we are all proud to call home.

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