PHL: All Are Welcome Through Our Cheerhole

It’s Friday! Three cheers for the arrival of the weekend.  Just a few short hours stand between you and those two days off that come and go oh so quickly each week.

We kicked off today’s workout with a quick arm exercise (that was also a brain exercise) to stretch those who were still feeling the effects of Wednesday’s #Merediths (or maybe to just make you forget you were still sore) – Start with your right hand on your nose, left hand across the right arm and on the right ear – arms down – left hand on your nose, right hand across the left arm and on the right ear – arms down – right – left – right – left – faster and so on. Coordination was necessary and I’m happy to report, most of us do not have much… but y’all smiled and let your guards down, and that always makes for a great workout.

We ran the front hill today, as there were downed trees on backside, stopped at the look out for 7 squats and 7 push-ups. The workout ended with our standard cheerhole. In true NP fashion you were all encouraging and inspiring. Upon striding with a few women running on their own asking who we are – what we are about we prompted them to run through. They stressed that they were not part of our group – and I tossed back that everyone is part of this community and happily ran those ladies right up to and through!

Ricky B. took home The Positivity Award today. This dude hasn’t been working out with us for very long, but he brings the fun, the fire and a great attitude with him every week! Rock on man!

Good luck to those racing this weekend! The tribe is behind you all the way. Those who are not racing, we hope you will be having fun. The tribe is behind you too. Be good, be well and be bold!

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