Philly’s Snowy Sunrise 6k (PHL)

Much anticipation led up to this morning’s race.  The group met at famous Boathouse Row with their fastest sneakers on, determined to throw down their best times for the #Sunrise6k.  Flurries fell and the river path was nice and slick.   We are happy to report solid numbers and no (serious) injuries.  Thanks for coming out, despite the snow and cold temperatures.  We can feel Spring coming soon, just hold tight and stay the course.  Ok, we don’t feel Spring yet, but we trust history will repeat itself and Spring will actually come.

Today’s Positivity Award went to Drew.  Drew is a dude who has brought so much to this group.  Whether he is recruiting strangers on public transportation, encouraging others to push their physical limits or simply organizing group activities, Drew has been a huge part of November Project Philadelphia’s success and growth.  Also, we hear he just turned 30.  Happy Birthday Drewwwww!

Sunrise 6k Top Finishers


  1. Breandan L.
  2. David B.
  3. Dan (?)


  1. Whitney S.
  2. Meghan S.
  3. Rebecca S.
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