Permanent, Sweaty Embrace (BAL)

When you start sweating during the ten-foot walk from the front door to your car, you know that day’s workout is going to be fun. We still haven’t figured out why Mother Nature wants all of our workouts to take place with the “hot yoga” setting turned on, but we’re just rolling with it.

During the morning bounce, Nick promised the group one thing: every single one of them would be sweating at the end. Given the weather, whether you actually did the workout or just blinked, the sweat was pretty much a guarantee. However, you all exceeded our expectations and we wish we could stand in a permanent, sweaty embrace with you all day for it.

Today’s workout was grueling, oppressive weather aside: teams of four pushed each other for forty minutes of burpees, planks, runs (thankfully not the ones that occur after Mexican night with your family), and box jumps. While one teammate did a speedy lap around Rash Field, the other members of the group either held a plank, did continuous burpees, or blew their knees out with box jumps. After two cycles of this mayhem, everyone took a “break” in typical November Project fashion – a full set of the stairs that surround Rash Field. Once those were completed, teams rejoined for one last cycle of the circuit.

Lauren was the very worthy and long overdue recipient of this week’s Positivity Award. This girl should probably get “November Project” tattooed across her chest with how much she rocks her #grassrootsgear. Congrats to Lauren!


Also, the Hopkins nursing crew just keeps growing and growing – Julie Hurley is straight killin’ it with her recruiting. I’m waiting for the day for you all to walk out holding the hands of little kids in mini-November Project shirts, World Cup style. Hey, a leader can dream can’t he?

REMEMBER OUR PROMISE TO YOU: If we get 65 people at ANY Wednesday workout, we will start a Friday workout. Keep spreading the word to everyone and anyone you meet; we want you all to be as obsessed with Wednesday mornings as we are, so obsessed you can’t help but tell it to the world!

I love you all,
(disregard the name up top – Syd assisting this fine morning!)

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