Peeta vs. Gale: Decisions, Decisions

Today we met under the bridge at Mission bay park.  Sure, it sounds beautiful but today it turned into a battle ground. We continued the Hunger Games trilogy and went to War today.  You were forced to decide if you were Team Peeta (Brad) or Team Gale (Sam).  This was not an easy decision, both boys have a lot going for them.  But in the end, just like Katniss (Ray) you had to make a choice. And just like the boys you had to give it all you got to be the winner.  And the prize you all fought so hard to get was, well, nothing!  But who cares, we got to run, sprint stairs, do burpees, push ups and squats, we got to take a dip in the water and play in the sand!  Not too many people get to do all of this by 720am.

In the end Team Peeta was the winner, no surprise there, I mean all you had to do was watch the movie.    It was a tight race however with Team Gale taking an early lead.  But in the final throw down Mr. Andy was light on his toes and lead his team to victory!  Keep showing up, keep spreading the love and keep getting Brighter.

We are so proud of Lauren and Jenna for kicking booty in Boston.  We also miss Lauren’s organizational skillz.  So what if the reverse bounce was born today.  Warming up at the end of a workout is the coolest!

News from the Capitol:
1) Wednesday 629am Balboa Park
2) April 24th pop up work out at first I should line of La Jolla half at 9am. Cheer station followed by a run!
3) July 16th (my birthday) Summit in Ontario- If interested start making teams and plans!

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