Peace Out F*ckers (SF)

This past weekend I got hang with our southern friends in San Diego for a weekend full of boulder running, lifting heavy things and drinking copious amounts of coffee. It was what the locals would call “chill times.” At the end of the workout yesterday, BG challenged us to a burnout workout called “peace out fuckers” in which I turned around and threw onto your plate this morning. 10 push ups, sprint, 10 burpees, sprint. Peace. Out. Fuckers.

Many of you ran many miles this weekend, climbed really high mountains, or biked insane distances (ahem, Seattle to SF). Some of you drank 40’s in Dolores and “experimented” with the truffle man’s newest batch of edibles. Either way, if you came out to the workout this morning, you started your week in the most productive way possible. So, cheers to that!

Wednesday: Alta Plaza Park, 5:30 AM and 6:26 AM


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