PB Wednesday! Pride, Power & Bad Ass Mother Day ;)

First things first. NP YYZ needs a better camera. iPhones are great n’ all….but they don’t always do the captures of the day justice. So, you’ll just have to imagine how great today’s photos are.

It was a dark and cool morning yet out of the shadows the tribe came. Seemingly one by one, each person dedicated to themselves and committed to throwing their all into PB Wednesday. There were scores to settle, from previous efforts and the investment of today for the victory of tomorrow, which all transcends into one month from now. The tribe was greeted with an enhanced “bounce” (we’re not even close to unlocking our potential) and surprised with the happy news that due to increasing numbers Sam and I’ve had to alter the PB course. Instead of up and down the stairs; it’s up and down the steep long hill! There were a few groans at this announcement but those sounds quickly dissipated once the count down began. Minds were focused. Bodies were ready. 30min begins in 3….2….1. GO!

Despite the strain and pain that quickly mounts when driving up a hill, the tribe stayed in good spirits. I continually received affirmation that everyone was putting in a hard effort and all the while remaining happy 🙂

Thumbs Up!
Thumbs Up!

Round of applause for the top 3 male and females who have become the 6 to beat next month! Sam and I both look forward to seeing our tribe reap the rewards of their hard work. We have set up our tribe on the November Project Tracker and invite all to sign up so that you may see what workouts we’ve done and record your results! Please visit this link to gain access!

The positivity award was garnered by a man who is the most consistent member of the tribe. To my recollection he has been at every workout since he joined (several months ago) and is NEVER late. An impressive feat that both Sam and I appreciate and admire. He shows positivity in a way that sets a tone in the tribe as someone you can count on and always expect to see. He pours out sweat every workout and was our 3rd place finisher in the latest PB Wednesday. Congratulations, Ryan. You’re a true inspiration to our tribe and core member to say the least.

Ryan = a real positive bad ass
Ryan = a real positive bad ass

It was a gutsy workout and the tribe is going full steam ahead! Each week we have new additions and each week we see NP YYZ making its mark. Speaking of mark, we’ll have our YYZ tag arriving in the mail soon!

Sam holding down the tagging. Total Pro.
Sam holding down the tagging. Total Pro.


“I see Pride, I see Power, I see a Bad Ass Mother that won’t take no crap off of nobody!”

YYZ Tribe



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