Pay the toll to the troll (YEG)

This morning as we set up for our second January 2015 Bridge workout, I thought that Nadim might be on the Bingo players circuit because the last time I saw troll dolls was when I had to work a Bingo and the hall was filled with these creepy looking good luck charms. Luckily it was simply an antique store purchase for props for today’s “Pay the Troll” workout.



It was a great morning with tribe members working towards the ultimate toll of $3.00. The challenge:  Run to the coin stations (on either side of the underpass), select 3 coins (a fine balance between keeping hands warm and finding the right amount), toss them into Abe’s NP hat (in the middle of the underpass), choose an exercise and complete “x” reps of chosen exercise (dependent on the coin total tossed into the hat) – REPEAT until you reach $3.00, then help someone else earn their way (after all, we help our own in this community right?!). The tribe worked their cardio and strength this morning with a great variety of exercises chosen as they converted coin totals to reps. Mental math processing was also challenged and fine-tuned as running totals were computed and stored. We were happy to help Becky learn her Canadian currency, remind people that American coins don’t count as foreign currency, and to designate British Pounds, Euros, South African Rands, Toronto Transit coins and Circus Circus tokens as Burpee currency.

Take time to record how much you paid the trolls here and you may as well drop your verbal for Wednesday’s Royal Glenora stairs there too!

Don’t forget about the #InappropriatelyFast Homework. Get all of the details .

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