PASSING OF THE TORCH: By Jimmy Webb Jr. and Manuel Gonzales


by Manuel Gonzales and Jimmy Webb Jr.


Great things come and go, but legacies last eternity. Dallas in its own unique way is an amazing place with people from all over the world. I’m not going to lie when I moved here on the 29th Day of April 2014 I was sad. I was sad to leave Boston. I was sad leaving everything I had to a city I knew nothing about (Dallas). Like any other place I’ve lived in, I fully emerged myself in the New England culture. I ate lobster rolls, steak tips, Fenway brats, and even bought Patriot’s, Redsox, Bruins, and Celtics gear (Big Deal for this sports fan). Moving to Dallas was a big step for me and I didn’t even know it. I tried my luck at finding a community all over town and it didn’t happen. I had a realization that what I was looking for didn’t exist in Dallas. When I started WERUNBIG there was only a handful of people in my Dallas contact list and with that, I knew I had a challenge ahead of me. On week two of WERUNBIGD I met a dude, this dude’s name was Jimmy Webb Jr, this is his story…



This was one of those “moments.” You know, the good stuff. The stuff you remember. First time driving a car, first kiss, first class in college (or maybe you don’t remember that one… lol)This was the first time I think my boy Manny really realized he was handing over his baby to someone else. No, not the lady killer everyone knows as “Jett.” I’m talking about November Project: Dallas Chapter. You see, I met Manny the 2nd time he ever did a WeRunBigD workout – what would eventually become the NPDAL we know and love today. I saw a pic of week 1 on The Gram so I messaged him and said “what’s this?” In what I soon realized to be typical Manny fashion, he replied “#JustShowUp” Initial reaction… “who the fuck is this guy?” Second reaction… typing “ok I’m there.” To which I was immediately schooled on what a “verbal” was. So I meet Manny, shirtless Manny, and about 30 others on Ford Stadium at SMU with a couple friendgirls I brought who were marveling at the massive wings tattooed on his back. I must say it’s pretty impressive. I proceed to beast the stairs with some time to kill and get to know Manny while everyone finished up. This marked the beginning of one of the coolest friendships I’ve ever had. I mean this guy had people carry me 100 yards on my birthday 3 months in to knowing me… I’ll NEVER forget that. I’ve sweat with Manny countless times, I’ve crushed too many stairs to count with Manny, I’ve even bled my own blood in front of Manny… that’s a crazy story and got the scar to prove it!


WeRunBigD (pre-NP title) fluctuates in numbers over the next 3 years and somewhere in the middle, this rambunctious little speedster named Tywon comes out! Tywon… has spunk. The smiles are never ending, the encouragement is constant, and the Tywon-Selfie thrives!

The Tywon Selfie


We grow, we fall, we grow some more, we fall some more, on and on… and on. I remember a post workout picture where there was… well it was only Manny in the pic, with the caption “The Tribe is Strong.” Then… 30 people… then 50… then 74 when the goal was 75 lol… then 105 people!!! Then Brogan comes out to officially officialize us… aaaand I was in SF lol. Got a crazy story with Josh out in SF though… so that kind of makes up for it I guess? Not really though lol.

And then there was one…

Then… the Cotton Bowl. “Because it’s iconic.” I got to see Manny manifest his dream into reality. I saw co-leader Harrison step into a level of greatness I don’t think he thought he had in him. And we saw the tribe grow into this loving organism that is a legitimate rock in people’s lives.

I think it’s safe to speak for everyone that when you come to an NP workout in the morning, your entire day is indubitably better. I learned how to hug because of these two gentlemen. I learned how to love unconditionally on people because of these two gentlemen. And Tywon also taught me to relax my body when running down a hill… super helpful btw!

So as Manny moves on to Tucson, Tywon will be taking his place and the two shared an emotional conversation followed by this epic hug over the weekend (at a fellow NPers birthday party no less).

Cherish every moment…

We wish Manny, Mariesa, Jett, and the little girly inside Mariesa’s tummy all the best in their new chapter of this thing called life….but we still have about 2 or 3 days left so we’re going to milk these last special moments as much as we can!

Yoga and the Mavs

I hope Manny’s story, through the eyes of a humble, fellow tribe member, inspires people to dream big even when you’re the only one who believes… To always seek the best out of others… And to love hard. }

So most of you are probably wondering what about Dallas? You talked about how much you loved Boston and nothing about Dallas, but before we jump to conclusions here it is…

Dallas, you are amazing, beautiful, cunning, pretentious, humble, expensive, cheap, and loving. Dallas, your embrace is warm and your sun is hot. Dallas, your summers are beautiful and your pools are refreshing. Dallas, the tacos are great, the Margs are tasty and the donuts are expensive. Dallas, your people are nice, caring, friendly, beautiful, lovable, and huggable. Dallas, your bike share needs work, but it’s well on it’s way to be a friendlier city one resident at a time. Dallas, pedestrians have the right of way especially in a crosswalk yet you act like they don’t. Dallas, keep growing, yet keep it intimate. Emerging myself and my family into all of what Dallas has to offer, Dallas has now grown on me and will forever hold a special place in my heart. I am a better person because of each and every one of you.

Dallas, please remember your first day at November Project (or for you throwback folks) WERUNBIGD, and remember how amazing it felt standing there not knowing a single soul, but you came anyway. Dallas, remember that first person that came up to you and thanked you for coming. As we grow as a tribe, it’s harder for leadership to interact with every single person at the workout. It’s now up to you to propel this Tribe. This Tribe is yours.


Dallas, you now have a November Project. What will you do with it?


With so much love,

Manuel Gonzales





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  1. I got to meet Manny, Tywon and about 50-60 other crazies on a rainy morning at The Cotton Bowl in late February this year. Coming from a tribe of people who are certified #weatherproof (NP Canada in Edmonton), I didn’t know quite what to expect. I can happily report that these lunatics are every bit as #weatherproof, certifiable and #justshowup in grand style. Manny and Tywon are fantastic leaders, and I know the Dallas tribe will thrive even after Manny heads to his new assignment in Tucson. Great meeting you guys, and I look forward to another visit next February — and possibly January in Phoenix and Tucson too!

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