Parrot Riot (DEN)

Hello. Good morning. Welcome. Today’s blog post was allegedly going to be written by Orrin “Hollywood” Whalen. Unfortunately that won’t be happening today. I do have something better for you though. I present to you an excerpt from what I imagine Orrin was going to write. So sit back, grab a snack, and prepare yourself for the whirlwind read of the summer! Without further ado, straight from my head, Orrin’s own words:

Where are all the parrots? I was told that Denver was a haven for bird lovers… an aviary if you will. Today was supposed to be the perfect day to film the first music video for my band, Parrot Riot! We’re going to make it big in LA soon. That’s why Matthew calls me Hollywood. I love that he gave me that new nickname. It’s the best. He’s the best! We’re best friends now! Parrots are awesome.

How about that killer workout? You call them PR Clovers? Since when do clovers have 5 leaves? Maybe I miscounted. It’s tough to breath and concentrate all the way up here. The super fit people in this Denver tribe must have third lungs! I love you all. I wish I was as fast and good looking as Dan and Matthew. Parrots rule, canaries drool!

There you have it ladies and gentlemen. Straight from the mouth Of Hollywood Whalen as it played in my head. He’s kind of weird, but there’s gotta be something usable in there.

Today was a phenomenal day! PR CLOVERS! The best day! The day where we get the chance to shatter our own expectations of ourselves by racing on our beloved amphitheater course. The day where you all shatter my hand with your electric high-fives! (Seriously, second month in a row with a bruise on my hand!) Today was a little different. We had the honor of seeing the ever-so-rare 6:15 to 5:30 positivity award hand off when Pace awarded Ms. Shelby Dee for being an ever-inclusive little ball of sunshine! Seriously, have you ever seen a cuter hand off?

I dare you to try not to smile right now… impossible

I’ve tabulated the numbers… I owe ya’ll a few burpees on Friday! The 5:30 group had 7 PR’s for a total of 35 burpees! The 6:15 group had a phenomenal 23 PR’s for a total of 115 burpees! Seriously, are you guys trying to kill me? You keep up the rockstar efforts on race day, and I’ll pump out the burpees on Friday. That’s right… standing offer. You PR any month, and I’ll give you 5 burpees.

I love you all. Leave something or someone better than you found them today.

FRI: 5:30am/6:15am Convention Center Stairs (Speer and Champa)

FRI: 6:30pm Friday Night Lights “Access Road Summit Series” at Green Mountain, Lakewood, CO.
Meet at Green Mountain Access Road @ Rooney Road Lot.

SAT: Kung Fury viewing party at Spencer Hinton’s house

5:30 Rockstars
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