Parenthood… (YEG)

What is it like to be the parents of an NP Leader?

mom and dad

This morning Andy and Jean Ference woke up early, put two feet on the ground, bundled up and JUST SHOWED UP!

I guess they didn’t have much of a choice, they are my mom and dad and when they come to visit and stay at our house they know that NP is a part of the package. 5:00 AM wake up calls, no breakfast, chilly weather and running hills…”Welcome home“…so glad you flew in yesterday for a visit!

think that since moving to a milder coastal climate they’ve forgotten what -3 feels like…I felt a bit like their parent this morning as I was telling them that they may want to dress a little warmer…suggesting that they may still want to wear a pair of gloves (good thing we had an extra pair laying around), may need to wear a jacket and possibly a touque or ear warmer.

Since my dad wasn’t sure he was going to run hills with his torn rotator cuff I quickly assigned him tagging duty…yes, I asked my dad to get high on paint fumes at 6AM, he didn’t argue though. My mom, she’s a trooper, making her way up and down the hill. I’m sure she was impressed with me as I yelled at her to hurry up and get to the top because there was only a few minutes left…no one is protected or gets special treatment…everyone moves for 30 minutes….no mercy.

I know they also love it when I draw attention to them as they stand in the back of the group for the picture. They also get to hang out and get that chill that happens after the workout because I am busy socializing. And just as we are about to leave, my dad, taking his tagging duties seriously, reminds me that we should go make sure everyone picked up their grassroots gear.

I love my mom and dad and I know that they are super proud of this community that their son and daughter co-lead with Nadim. And even though I may feel like I am dragging them out for these crazy early mornings, asking them to bundle up, sweat a lot and move with me I don’t have to work too hard to convince them…I know they really love it!

This morning was good…really good…so good that the sun came out early to provided a beautiful dawn. The light allowed the tribe to clearly see Trent receive the positivity award…so deserving as this dude races everything every morning with the greatest smile on his face.

trent2  Trent

Monday is going to be amazing. We have an epic morning planned for the tribe. Meet here, the egg shaped field at Louise McKinney Park at precisely 5:58 AM. Preparations have already begun for this workout. Drop your verbals using the tracker!

Until next time, SMILE! J

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