Pairs of Three (IND)

After playing Peek-A-Boo this morning, the #NP_IND tribe warmed it up with a sprinty #UpAndOver, as they finished the tribe was divided into pairs of three of like speed. The workout was a relay, where #1 ran an #UpAndOver, while #2 did walking lunges, and #3 did all out sprints with pushups at the end-zones. When #1 returned, #2 and #3 were tagged and rotated stations. There was A LOT of good racing this morning. The tribe likes to sprint. The tribe likes to race. #FuckYeah #RaceEverything

The Positivity Award went to Teacher Jon from the 5:28 group. Not only did he kill the workout, especially the sprints, but he has continued to show up for almost a year now with his bouncy gait, big hugs and suburb positivity. Thanks for showing up!

Our newest tribe member was gifted a pint-sized piece of #GrassrootsGear. Baby Whitcomb (and Baby Tank Jr.) are the next generation of #NP_IND.

Read the blog from #NP_BOS today. And then go do some random acts of kindness.

See you next week! Bring a newbie or a hibernator that has not shown up.

What does Danger say? “Clear skies, exposed thighs.”

Wednesday Indiana War Memorial 5:28/6:15AM.

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