Paint Fumes (YEG)

We tagged shirts for the first time of the year this morning but since there were lots of us that have got shirts for Christmas, birthdays, on sale or because they got jacked as hell since we last tagged, we split the tagging over a couple days, only people who have never got a tagged shirt before today and next Friday for seasoned vets. With three sets of stencils we can get through the process a lot faster now, Jen and Chelsey were a bit slower though, they can finish their line on their own. Next Friday will be a free for all for anyone wanting to get a shirt tagged, but only one per person or I’ll be sniffing paint fumes for days, I know I look like someone who might enjoy that from time to time, I like to bring down stereotypes.


Hills for breakfast were a little chillier than the stairs that we ate on Wednesday but that didn’t change the amount of newbies that came out today, its been a solid week for recruiting and I don’t believe Commonwealth or the weather had anything to do with that, that was all hard work by you guys, keep that shit up. It was a good week for media too, our FOUNDER was on the picture tube and the radio waves, we had dudes in leopard print tights and short shorts out and the most important one, #printmedialives, the November Project book was released and lots of you have already picked up a copy. I still haven’t seen it in person as it probably got stopped at the border for spreading too much free fitness. If you haven’t got one yet and want it, theres a bunch of Chapters that is carrying it in the city and always available to order online too.


Monday we are going to meet along kilometre 2-3 (or 3-4, depends on who you ask)   of the sunrise 6K route in the Mackinnon ravine, if you don’t know where that is, its right here. There is limited parking at Government House so there are lots of options to run from, Emily Murphy park across the river, Victoria golf course and the now melted Victoria oval, or from your house which I’m sure some of you will do. Go enjoy this weekend, its going to awesome weather, go run a half-marathon in the mountains, play some ball in the field or go for a bike ride with the kids, just get out and have some fun.


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