Paid Forward Positivity (VIC)

The theme at the top of the hill today was the trickle-down effect of positivity, how you never know what small (to you) action you make is going to have a large (to them) impact on someone seeing or receiving your action. We mentioned it in the context of Bear, to whom we’d quickly given the #positivityaward in the parking lot before he’d had to sprint off to work and we sprinted up the hill to catch up with the tribe. Bear shows up most every week in a superhero outfit, his simple act of spandex-clad outlandishness putting a smile on the face and a lift in the legs of those around him. Of more direct impact, last week Bear shared from the office on Facebook:

Feeling pretty euphoric at work right now, cheers all for the great workout this morning!

His going first with that share led to a little cascade of further virtual high fives and positivity, making the morning’s awesomeness echo across the internet throughout the day. Keep sprinkling that positivity all over the city the rest of this week, Bear, now that you have the award to better do it with.


Speaking of positivity and paying it forward, former PA recipient Olivier and teammates are headed off to the World University Cross-Country Running Championships in Italy in the coming weeks. A leader-in-action of our tribe, Olivier could use our help in getting to the race – and you can use your own race (plus a burger and a beer) to do so. On Sunday, Feb. 21 4th race in the Vancouver Island Race Series will be taking place at the Hatley Castle 8-km race, with Olivier and co. using the race as an opportunity to rally support. Check out all the info here, with a hat tip to Bin 4 Burgers for supporting the lads in this fundraiser.


We all met Debbie last week (the blog with her story is here if you missed it) and I suspect many of us have felt the impact of her presence. Apparently David felt her impact particularly hard. You’ve all met David, though perhaps you don’t know him by name – he’s the fella who shows up every Wednesday morning and supports us with high fives, words of encouragement and modification cues. He’s an ever-present force of positivity. But he’s never on the ground or at a run with us, because one of his knee’s is fucked up. Today, though, something changed. David was in the ring. I didn’t know what had shifted in him until he quietly walked up to Debbie as we walked down the hill at the end of workout and wrapper her in a massive hug. I watched Debbie start to cry as he left. I looked at her inquisitively. She shared, “He said I was the reason he worked out today. I can’t believe this family.”

I can. Each and every one of you is having an effect on those around you, whether you know it or not. That includes your #NP_Vic tribe, yes, but it also includes those you see later in the day, while shining a little later. Those you see on the weekend, when they see you moving a little stronger and faster through the woods. Those you see at work, when you share your stories from a positive Wednesday morning.

David texted me this evening, reiterating what he’d told Debbie this morning: “Debbie inspired me to get my head around just doing whatever I could – my lunges and squats were a little pathetic, but better than standing around using the knee as an excuse.” I’d characterize David’s reasons differently, and extend my deepest gratitude to him for all the support he’s provided us in the past weeks. I’d also extend to him – and hope you will too – all our very best, fiercest well-wishes: He was texting me tonight to let me know he’d heard last minute that he has a surgical date for that knee. Tomorrow.

David’s gonna be out of commission for a while – we’re gonna miss his positivity, but its impacts will reverberate. All the way until he returns, fully healed, and ready to get after it with us in the ring. I know he’ll be recruiting while he’s away. I know his positivity will continue to spread, expanded by Debbie’s, amplified by Bears and headed, ultimately, who knows where.



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