Out of the Darkness (YWG)

Today was one of those morning that absolutely flew by. From the moment we all gathered in the dark (100+ adults and 1 baby) there was a good vibe. The cold air got a little warmer as we huddled for the bounce, the music was loud and on point and people worked hard and laughed alongside their friends – new and old. It didn’t hurt that as we traversed the River Walk, the sunrise created a beautiful painting of pinks and blues and oranges across the Eastern sky – it doesn’t get much better in September. Solid workout, solid people that is the gist of it!


Where do I start with the #positivityaward winner? To get an accurate picture I would have to go back 25 years to when she was bossing me around as a little kid. But I will skip those years and tell you that I truly love, appreciate and respect the hell out of my older sister; she embodies the word positive. She can be thanked for bringing the idea of November Project to Winnipeg and it was her ability to convince people to do cool “Winnipeg things” that led to the first workout. Her continued presence, top notch recruiting and all around passion for November Project helps us to continue to be such a successful group! Katie is as big a fan of Winnipeg as you will ever find and her view of this city is something that we could all try to emulate a bit more. Pride in our city, pride in its people and pride in the NP tribe. Congratulations Katie! I (we) love you!

Tom and Rick

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