Out of This World (LAX)

Easy to say that this morning was out of this world. Starting off with a supreme bounce lead by Steve that supposedly could be heard from trails all around Griffith. Warming up with belly roll sprints to get those juicy legs nice and warm. Kicking it off with a lung heaving, sweat dripping, sunrise jawdropping workout that makes us recognize that this place is beautiful! Running through the clouds to open up into sunshine called for the perfect running weather.

But besides the weather which frankly can be quite boring there was something that happened today that has been happening every day with in this community. That’s unity! New faces come up and are met by new friends. We unite for the common good in us all. What happened today in our government was a major step forward in unity. At NP we live our lives with the lack of judgement and instead give support. There’s no need for hierarchy as we are all on the same level. There’s no need to call people out on what they believe in because we can understand the simplicity that if you’re a good person and not harming anyone than you are doing great! NP is this sort of idealized community. In it we get to practice being our best selves. With simple gestures like hugs, high fives, smiles and the occasional ass slap comes great attitudes of love for one another and a respect for a person no matter what their background.  If everyone across this world maybe had 5 strangers to hug every day maybe that would change the perception of certain people’s willingness to discriminate against certain people. To cut the discrimination to a recognition human to human, man to man, woman to woman, spirit to spirit, and ultimately realize that they are on the same level.

At NP we are far beyond out of this world, but rather in it. Smack dab in the middle of it making this world a better place. People should be filled with interaction and happiness. I can choose to be an old man and grumpy or an old man and happy. The choice is yours and today you all made a great choice to get out of bed join us in epicness at the workout. Get out there and share the good!



MONDAY POP-UP- BARNSDALL PARK, 6AM. Meet at the top of the park on the grass knoll! https://www.facebook.com/events/1441487062820432/

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