Organized Anarchy (DEN)

Isn’t it so amazing how 70 individuals, or 7 or more groups of 10 or less can have the exact same idea, at the exact same time?! I mean seriously! What are the odds that all of us would show up to Red Rocks at the same time, let alone do the exact same workout completely unprompted and unorganized. Nobody was in charge… I, your Sargent, and Daniel “Flaniel” Turboletti, your Lieutenant were definitely not in charge or in any way organizing. And I use the word “your” very loosely… in the way that the sunset is yours, or that the workout was yours. It’s there for anyone to enjoy in the way that they see fit.

Is it really “your” LtSarge’s fault if 68 other people decided to call back “GOOD MORNING” when we yelled aimlessly into the sky? Is it organized if 68 other people all decided to give the same response of “FUCK YEA” to “your” LtSarge asking if the rocks of Red Rocks were doing well today? Can you really blame the Big Cheese and Chef Boyardee if you all decided to listen in on our workout plans and join in? I don’t think so… We had no control, or illusion of control over 7 or more groups of 10 or less people workout out at Red Rocks at the same exact time…

With that being said. WE CAN NEVER GO BACK AGAIN! That’s right… I hope you enjoyed your last trip to Red Rocks without a disguise. You better start building up your fake mustache and fancy hat collections. Talk to Ryan and Steve… They’re probably pros by now. And make sure that at least one of your #GrassrootsGear shirts has the word “not” on it… for special occasions. Because if we ever try to sneak back in, or go to another awesome destination venue… well they can black list “Not November Project” instead of us. It’ll totally work…trust me. I’ve thought this through.

It was awesome workout out next to all of you in this crazy random happenstance of a coincidence. Be good. Do good. Enjoy your 4th of July weekend!

Go out and leave everything better than you found it!

WED: 5:30am/6:15am Capitol Steps

Totally NOT organizing a group
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  1. Hey, i run with the november project in edmonton and i am going to be in colorado and would like to run with you guys this friday july the 10th. could i get a confirmation on  where you will be meeting up? i will be coming from fort collins so i just want to make sure i’m not going to the wrong place
    email is

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